Product Introduction



a vacuum insulated panel (VIP) with excellent insulation performance produced by vacating the enclosure of the insulated panel, thereby preventing heat conduction and convection and resulting in very low amounts of heat transfer.

Heat Conductivity

  1. Provides insulation performance that is 10 times better than conventional insulation materials
  2. Outstanding insulation performance reduces heating and cooling bills of building structures by up to 70%


  1. Thickness of 20 mm or less satisfies insulation standards for all parts of building structures
  2. Reduced thickness reduces use of materials such as anchor bolts

Noncombustible material

  1. Satisfies standards for noncombustible materials under Announcement 2015-744 of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  2. Made of level 1 fire retardant materials, preventing the generation and spread of toxic gas during a fire

Insulation Principle

General insulation material

Heat transfer through fine layers of air

Vacuum insulated panel

Insulation / Vacuum interior eliminates heat conduction and convection, outer aluminum cover reflects radiation

Product Structure


Prevents external moisture and gas from entering into the panel
Dry lamination of multi-layer film


Absorbs residual gas and moisture
Composed of oxides and metal substances


Fiber Glass
Eco-friendly and noncombustible material

Product Specifications

Property SUPERVAC®
Thermal conductivity 0.0021W/m· K below
Density 250~350kg / m³
Thickness 10 ~ 40mm
Basic specifications 450 × 900
Operating temperature -50 ~ 80 Degree, Centigrade
Fire resistance Noncombustible